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Using technology as a tool for cheating

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1.  Strom, P. & Strom, R. (2007). Cheating in Middle School and High School.


This article (on ERIC) states the prevalance of cheating, reasons why students cheat, new forms of cheating using techonology and how teachers can prevent cheating from occuring.  It also indicates that parents should be involved in teaching the student integrity.


2.  Rossman, J. (2007). Using Technology to Cheat Academically.

This article focuses on the recent trend of the different types of technology being used to cheat in schools.



3.  "University Students Admit to Using Cell Phones to Cheat"-USA Today.  This article gives an example of a specific tool used to cheat in the classroom.


4.  Internet and Schools

This is a PDF file and it studeis the prevalence of students using the internet to cheat.



5.  Cheating with Technology

This article gives examples of cheating and what could get you kicked out of college.



6. "High-tech cheating comes to high schools" by Melissa Dahl.  This article talks about how cheating has always occured, however now technology has made it more sophisticated.  Students are using cell phones as a tool for cheating.


7."Digital Deception: The Internet makes cheating easier than ever" by Kevin Bushweller.  This article shows how easy the internet makes cheating. Students can buy papers, find formulas and store them on their calculators and hacking onto the school network.  They justify cheating and many do not feel any type of remorse.


8. "How to cheat in school: Cell Phones and iPods Are the Newest Modes for Cheating" by Barbara Pytel.  This article talks about the prevalance of cheating today.  It has become more accepted by students and parents.  Cell Phones and iPods are being used to cheat along with copying and stealing others work.


9. Lecher, Mark. (2005) Academic Honesty through Technology.Academic Honesty through Technology.  This article (found on ERIC) describes how connected students today are.  They are able to quickly and easily access the internet and one another.  This article also discusses how teachers can prevent students from using this technology to share answers.


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